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Shocking Feed was a Shock

One of the toughest annual harvesting chores of the past was “shocking feed,” and I don’t mean an electrical shock either. The dreaded job left everyone working with sore hands, sore backs and a sigh of relief when the job was concluded. However, for livestock to survive the high plains ...


Iron Age Ads: Peerless in its Field

This chromolithograph poster (circa 1895), signed at lower right corner by the artist (Werner of Akron, Ohio), features colorful, highly detailed illustrations of the famous Peerless line of steam-powered machinery built by the Geiser Mfg. Co., Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. The graphic detail and ...


New Buckeye Low Down Lightens the Load

The central image shows a very spry team of horses after a full day’s work with the New Buckeye Low Down. The Low Down was designed to remove the weight of the machine from the horses’ necks. The driving wheels were placed near the front end of the frame and two trailing wheels were added ...

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