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Restoration Revives: Sweet Memories

Country kids have fond memories of summer visits to their “city slicker” friends, in part because of ice cream trucks. When the ice cream truck arrived in a neighborhood, signaled by music broadcast over a loud speaker, play time stopped and everyone gathered to enjoy frozen treats. Tim ...


Remembering a special restoration

Very impressed by the articles by Fred Hendricks and Sam Moore about Ohio (see Farm Collector, October 2020)! I believe every city in the north part of Ohio had something to do with the progress of the farm. I drive by the homestead of Isaac Hoover (inventor of the commercial potato digger) ...


A Devilishly Divine Find

While poking around in a burned-out building, I found an unusual-shaped piece of cast iron covered in soot and melted plastic. I asked the owner about it, and he did not know what it was, but for $15, it could be mine. The shape indicated that it might be a water motor, but I could not tell for ...

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