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A Legacy: Land Girls and Tractors of WWII

Picture the scene: It is rural Britain and we are in the midst of World War II. All of our healthy male workforce is away, fighting in the war in France, and there simply aren’t enough people to run our farms. Farming is more important than ever as our nation is beginning to run out of food, ...


Farming and Living without Gasoline

With the possible exception of those who lived through the oil shortages of the early 1970s, we take the availability of petroleum fuels for granted. But it has not always been that way everywhere – especially if you lived outside the U.S. during World War II. Going into the second world ...


A Day that will Live in Infamy

Mother sent me to get Dad from the barn. A special radio program was coming on that we needed to hear. She put on a pot of coffee, as it was cold out, and tended to my little brother, Don. We gathered around the old wooden upright Victor radio, crackling with static and noise. The Japanese ...


A Taste of the Amber Nectar

During World War II, the decision was made to change the livery to green. The story is that this was to protect the factories (which had hundreds of orange tractors parked outside) from bombers, but it is likely that it made individuals using the tractors out in the open fields feel a little ...

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