Corn Shellers by the Dozen

Ronald Hug's collection of corn shellers includes a popcorn sheller and various corn grinders

| November 1998

No offense to the wheat guys, or rice, or oats. But corn items, says Ronald Hug, Dupo, III., are where it's at. 

"There's just no other kind of grain as attractive as corn," he says. "I don't know why. It's like gold, or diamonds. Why is one more attractive than another?"

Whatever the reason, Ronald's sold on corn. His collection includes 60 different box shellers, eight different freestanding shellers, and 20 grinders.

"The more I get in to this," he says ruefully, "the more I see, and the more I want."

His collection started about eight years ago, with an old grinding stone. Now he's a regular on the show circuit, going to at least 15 shows a year ("sometimes two a week," he says). He also goes to a lot of auctions. "That's where I get most of my shellers," he adds. "If you go to a flea market, you'll pay a lot more than at an auction."

Paying more is not something he's prepared to do.