March 2011 Mystery Tool A

| 1/19/2011 3:31:41 PM

Tags: antique farm tools, what is it, march 2011,

Do you recognize this tool? It is marked “PAT APP D FOR” and measures 15 inches long; the jaws measure 7 inches wide when open.

March 2011 Mystery Tool A - view 1 

March 2011 Mystery Tool A - view 2 

March 2011 Mystery Tool A - view 3 

If you recognize it, leave a comment below.

Check back here April 12 for the correct answer, or find it in the May 2011 issue of Farm Collector.

ray de mouilpied
3/14/2011 1:36:19 AM

I believe this is the tongs used by a blacksmith to lift the horseshoes out of the furnace and to hold it firmly while he hammers it straight, and to burn it onto the horses hoff.

hans quistorff
3/10/2011 1:16:31 AM

I think it is a tire bead breaker. The toggle would probably allow the tool to come back out of the rim. Possibly with the notces in the togal and other side it could be a spreader.

perry l. murry
3/9/2011 9:09:46 AM

Does look like a bead breaker - - it also looks like a "pulloff" for horse shoes, but why have such a large jaw spread?

michael g
1/26/2011 8:20:40 PM

A bead breaker? For a 7 inch rim? I doubt that.

kermit wilke
1/25/2011 10:21:24 AM

It is a bead breaker for clincher tires

robert johnson
1/25/2011 8:33:46 AM

Looks like a bead breaker to me also. There is one in my shop.

clarence a> buck
1/25/2011 7:53:53 AM

I think that these are possiably some type of BlackSmith tongs. But not quite sure how they are used at this time.

craig phillips
1/20/2011 3:35:18 PM

I think it is a bead breaker for tires