May 2011 Mystery Tool B

| 4/15/2011 10:17:10 AM

Do you recognize this tool? It measures 8-1/2 inches long. The nickle-sized circle in the center is marked "UCF 1086."

May Mystery Tool B 

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Check back here June 14 for the correct answer, or find it in the July 2011 issue of Farm Collector. (on sale June 21)

Have a tool you want to submit? E-mail us at with at least one photo taken in a well-lit area against a plain background. Include dimensions and any markings on the piece.

Gary Drentlaw
4/17/2011 5:19:21 PM

My guess for the May Mystery Tool B is an ear marker. It is also called animal marker, cattle brander, cattle marker, cattle punch, ear punch, hog marker and stock marker. It is a tool used to mark hogs or cattle by punching a hole in the ear. There were different shaped dies available.