September 2012 Mystery Tool A

| 9/7/2012 9:17:18 AM

Do you recognize this mystery tool?

September 2012 Mystery Tool A 

This tool is cast with "Westinghouse." Its total length is 6 inches; the ball measures 2-1/2 inches in diameter. The loops are steel, and the ball is not magnetic.

If you recognize this old farm tool, leave a comment below.

Check back here October 16 for the correct answer, or find it in the November issue of Farm Collector.

Have a mystery tool you want to submit? Email us at with at least one photo taken in a well-lit area against a plain background. Include dimensions and any markings on the piece.

9/19/2012 1:24:10 PM

es Ken is posible a weight in the end of chain of a use with a bucket by sunk the bucket into the water pond

Kaptain Ken
9/11/2012 3:06:06 PM

It is a weight placed on the business end of a cable used on a crane. An ordinary hook on the end of a cable may not be enough to counter balance the weight of the cable itself. When the crane is elevated to vertical (or near vertical) the weight of the cable in the crane may be enough to cause it to run, by gravity, back to the winding drum.