Homemade Scale Model Tractors

Time, skill and accuracy invested by makers scale model tractors

| November 1998

Building scale models can be enjoyed by both the young and young at heart, whether you're a modeler or a rider. Riding's easy, but experienced makers say to take your time, and make it more of a hobby than a business. 

Jim Turnbull, for example, makes scale-model tractors for fun, while his son Jason has ridden and helped show them at more than 30 tractor meets and fairs. Jason spreads the fun by giving other children rides in a small trailer pulled by a one-third-scale model John Deere L. The models generate a lot of interest at shows.

"I have had many offers to sell, but the kids say 'No'!'" says Jim, who lives in Rushville, Mo. "People at shows like to set their kids on it to get a picture."

Jim is a second-generation modeler.

"I've built a pedal tractor, and I have a garden-size tractor that my dad built in 1957 that used a lot of Ford car parts," he says. "He built about 10 or 12 of them back then."

His keys to success?