Play Tractors, Serious Collectibles

| June 2001

David Vail drove more than 500 miles from his home in Greenfield, Ind., to Woodsboro, Md., in the hopes of adding a Mohr Minneapolis-Moline G 705 to his farm toy collection.

'Roger Mohr Originals is a small company in Vail, Iowa,' he said. 'They build limited editions that no one else produces. Back in November '94 I ordered one of everything they made. So far I've got two. They make them and then they contact you and you pay for them. Roger Mohr died last fall.'

As it happened David was outbid on the G 705, but he took home a Mohr Simpson scale model Case tractor, of which only 150 were made.

'I've been collecting for about 20 years,' he said. 'You get addicted, but it is an investment. This is a very good sale and Aumann's is one of the best there is. I go to their auctions every year, but this is the furthest I've been.'

The auction, which was held at the Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Company Activities Center, featured the very extensive farm toy collection of the late McComas Albaugh of Union Bridge, Md. More than 1,000 toys, plus a wide variety of farm literature, were sold off on Friday evening and all day Saturday. There were more than 250 registered bidders from 10 states, with a further 20 absentee bidders from 11 states and Canada.

Rusty Hill came prepared to add to his collection of John Deere models. The 11 year-old resident of Lisbon, Md., took a front row seat with his dad - dentist, farmer and collector Grant Hill. Rusty was obviously an experienced auction bidder.