1934 Plymouth Tractor Gets Loving Restoration

Nichols, N.Y. man gives a 1934 Plymouth tractor the restoration it deserves

| September 1999

Norm Westervelt has invested more than three years in the restoration of his Plymouth tractor. After pouring something like 2,400 hours into the tractor, he's quick to admit that it was a massive undertaking, but he doesn't begrudge a minute of the project.

"It was my biggest restoration project," he says. "After I got started, it took three and a half years to finish it. But that's hobby time ... I always looked at it as fun, as a real challenge. It was a delight going out there. Every day that it was 20 degrees or above, I'd go work on it."

Norm, who lives in Nichols, N.Y., is retired from 30 years with IBM, where he worked as a field representative and later in research and design. He is now the proud owner of a 1934 Plymouth, "one of the nicest two in the country," he says.

The R38 Plymouth was made by the Fate-Root-Heath Company in Plymouth, Ohio. The company started with the Plymouth 10-20 in 1934. Within about a year, though, the tractor's name was changed to Silver King.

"Walter Chrysler took exception to the name 'Plymouth'," Norm says.

Because the name was so short-lived, few Plymouths were made. Many, though, have passed the test of time.