A Boo-tiful New Look

Vintage Farmall tractor dresses up for Halloween

| November 2005

For the tractor purist, this could be a very scary story. But for those who enjoy a touch of whimsy, read on!

Kathy Wimmer grew up in an International family. "My father and grandfather had International tractors, which never really meant anything to me until I got one myself," she recalls. Her interest in vintage tractors goes back about 20 years, to the days when she helped her sister and brother-in-law with their tractors.

Inspired by their projects, Kathy found one of her own: a 1941 International Farmall H. "We restored my tractor that summer and went to many shows over the next few years," she says. By the time a new millennium rolled around, though, that 20-year-old restoration was showing its age. "It needed some minor repairs, new tires and a paint job," she says.

That's when inspiration struck. In the summer of 2004, Kathy decided to transform her Farmall H into the "Harvest Hollow" tractor, a re-creation of a Franklin Mint model that came out in 1998. The most noteworthy aspect of that transformation? Orange paint, not Farmall red. "When I told my family and friends of my plans, they thought I would never do it," she says.

With the help of her nephew, Kathy took on the prep work for a new paint job. Six months later, she began painting. "After the first coat of paint," she says, "I knew I had made the right choice." Her Harvest Hollow tractor, complete with black cats, bats and spooky lettering, made its debut at a local tractor show last fall. "There were several very surprised people when they saw me pull in with my newly restored tractor," she says, "now bright orange, and just in time for Halloween."

- For more information: Kathy Wimmer, 5756 Princeton-Glendale Road, Hamilton, OH 45011.