The Avery Tractor and Other Farm Expo Exhibits

Avery Tractor collectors made a strong showing at the 2001 World's Expo of Antique Farm Equipment in Ankeny, Iowa.

| September 2001

There was no shortage of farming history at the World's Expo of Antique Farm Equipment at the end of June at Ankeny Expo Park near Ankeny, Iowa.

Besides hosting the Summer Nationals Antique Tractor Pull and the National Plowing Competition, the event featured unique farm equipment including the B.F. Avery Collectors 2001 National Convention.

Many interested onlookers were asking about the history of the Avery tractor. Club President Ron Goller of Defiance, Ohio, said the Avery Club has been growing steadily in the past few years.

'We have around 400 members now in all parts of the world,' Goller said.

The history behind the B.F. Avery tractor is also as unique as the tractor itself. Goller said the Avery tractors first began when Benjamin Franklin Avery purchased the Cleveland Tractor Co. in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland was producing a tractor they called 'The General' which was a tractor primarily used in vegetable farming. Avery purchased the company and began building the B.F. Avery tractor line in the 1940s. Most of these 4-cylinder, 12 horsepower tractors were sold in the south to tobacco farmers.

Later in 1952, Minneapolis-Moline purchased the tractor line and produced similar tractors for a few years. Goller said he is not sure how many Avery tractors were built in the 1940s, but he said he became hooked on collecting the tractor several years ago. Today, he owns about 50 Avery tractors.