| December 2000

New Releases Out Just in Time for the Holidays

'He's making his list, checking it twice; gonna find out who's naughty and nice; Santa Clans is coming to town

It's that time again ... the holidays, when you're either agonizing over what to give, or working overtime in the hint department. Whether you're giving or wishing, something from this bag of new releases is bound to be a hit on Christmas morning.

'...He knows if you've been sleeping...'

Dozing while you drive? That won't do. '100 Years: The Sounds of Farm Power in the USA' is just the ticket to perk you up when you're behind the wheel. Available in cassette and CD, 'Sounds of Farm Power' is a unique collection of recordings of 36 steam engines and tractors. Each is recorded in digital stereo and offers surprising realism. Paul Salow, creator of 'Sounds of Farm Power, 'narrates each 30-second segment, describing make, model and year. The sounds of the engines alone are enough to coax up a good head of nostalgia and tame your commute.

100 Years: The Sounds of Farm Power in the USA, produced and narrated by Paul Salow, 2000; available in CD and cassette tape; featuring 36 brands of 124 different steam engines and tractors. Total playing time: 74 minutes. To order, send $12 for each CD and $10 for each cassette (plus $2 s/h per order) to Farm Sounds, Inc., PO Box 127, Milan, MI 48160.

'...He knows if you're awake...'