| February 2002

Celebrating the golden age of farming

Voyageur Press tapped into several collector markets last October when it published Classic Farm Tractors by Cletus Hohman. The $19.95 book introduced a new Voyageur series of 'popularly priced' tractor books in time for holiday shopping.

The picture album-type volume includes a well-done overview of tractor history with the tractors arranged chronologically from 1900 to 1970. Included are all those made in North America as well as a few European models.

Detailed caption information and archival images from original operating manuals and sales brochures compliment the tractor portraits. The book is indexed and has a bibliography too.

Anyone interested in tractors - neophytes or veterans - should find something of interest between the covers of this modest but well-done album.

- Available from Voyageur Press, 123 North Second St., Stillwater, MN 55082, (651) 430-2210, Web site:; $19.95; ISBN: 0-89658-566-2.

Traditional American Farming Techniques, another in The Lyons Press' series of early-day agricultural reprints, described itself on initial publication in 1916 as 'a ready reference on all phases of agriculture for farmers of the United States and Canada.'