| February 2002


For engine collectors, the book may be especially helpful

Celebrating the golden age of farming

Voyageur Press tapped into several collector markets last October when it published Classic Farm Tractors by Cletus Hohman. The $19.95 book introduced a new Voyageur series of 'popularly priced' tractor books in time for holiday shopping.

The picture album-type volume includes a well-done overview of tractor history with the tractors arranged chronologically from 1900 to 1970. Included are all those made in North America as well as a few European models.

Detailed caption information and archival images from original operating manuals and sales brochures compliment the tractor portraits. The book is indexed and has a bibliography too.

Anyone interested in tractors - neophytes or veterans - should find something of interest between the covers of this modest but well-done album.

- Available from Voyageur Press, 123 North Second St., Stillwater, MN 55082, (651) 430-2210, Web site:; $19.95; ISBN: 0-89658-566-2.

Traditional American Farming Techniques, another in The Lyons Press' series of early-day agricultural reprints, described itself on initial publication in 1916 as 'a ready reference on all phases of agriculture for farmers of the United States and Canada.'