| March 2001

Great photography, meaningful text combine in new Leffingwell book

Let me be up front with you about a couple of things.

First, even though you may have seen my byline on six 'tractor' books published by MBI Publishing Co., please be aware that I have no particular ax to grind. If they publish a dog of a book and I review it, I'll tell how much it barks.

Second, let me inform you that Farm Tractor Milestones was somewhat difficult for me to review. You see, a complete book review should also point out some of the not-so-good things, as well as the points that turn on the reviewer.

You know, it's kind of like the 'Yes, but...' you may hear your wife saying occasionally: You might have done great job, etc., but you could still stand some improvement.

Over the years, I've probably notched the writing of maybe three dozen book reviews on widely varying subjects. Always before, with even the best of books, there's been at least one or two (or more) little niggling things that I'd either like to have seen the author cover, or handle differently.

Not so with Farm Tractor Milestones by Randy Leffingwell that's just been released.