Farmall H Rises from the Ashes

Family's heirloom Farmall H restored after barn fire takes its toll

| August 2000

When Mike Black's cherished Farmall H was caught in a barn fire four years ago, the damage was extensive.

"It was burned to a crisp," Mike says. "It was fried."

Still, because of a fire's inexplicable appetite, restoration seemed possible.

"It was a funny fire," he says. "It didn't blow the fuel tanks, it didn't melt the radiator hose or radiator; and the engine still had coolant in it. If it had burnt the radiators, I would have written it off."

It all sounds very logical, very rational. But one suspects that the damage could have been much worse before Mike would have turned his back on the Farmall H.

Mike's grandfather bought the Farmall H new in the spring of 1945.