Fordson Tractor Values on the Rise

Vintage Fordson tractor collectors see prices rise at antique tractor auctions

| February 1999

What's a Fordson worth? As with almost any collectible, it depends on the tractor's age, condition and rarity. But one thing's for sure: values are rising, says Jack Heald, national director, Fordson Tractor Club. 

"I'm quite often called on to appraise a Fordson at an estate sale or auction," he says. "Many times, a Fordson is inherited, and the new owners have no idea as to its value."

With Fordsons, as with all vintage tractors, prices have risen steadily.

"As recently as 1975, a Fordson could be purchased for 'scrap iron' prices - about $60," Jack says. "Today, that same tractor would easily sell for about $500."

Fordsons produced from 1918 to 1928 usually fall into one of the following groups:

"Say it costs $200: This will get you a 'Mailbox' Fordson," he says. "Basically, it'll be a shell, probably with many parts – carb, manifold, steering wheel rim, Fordson logo seat, water-washer, gas caps – missing. The gas tank is probably rusted through, the radiator cap is gone, and paint? Optional.