Fun Follows Form

| July 2002

Fans of vintage garden tractors and cultivators say these little treasures have won their admiration for many reasons. Topping the list are such attributes as the ease with which the machines can be carted to a show, their safety (especially where children are concerned), their usually modest prices, the fun they are to maneuver - and their variety.

Farm Collector agent Bob Crowell of Batesville, Ind., has photographed a number of the more unusual pieces of gardening machinery over time and often shares his pictures. Profiles of three especially unusual pieces are featured below:

The Saure

Jason Andrews of Blanchester, Ohio, owns a rare Saure three-wheel riding lawn mower with a front wheel that could run circles around itself - literally. 'The capability of it to do turns is really fun,' Jason says. 'It turns in a second, without ever stopping, and it can do a full 360 - all the way around.'

Jason bought the Saure four years ago at an Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Reunion show in Georgetown, Ohio, after a friend encouraged him to take a serious look at the machine.

'It's an oddball thing that's hard to find,' Jason says, 'I hadn't seen one before, and it was made in Ohio - I like to find things like that.' He hasn't seen another one to date, either.

The tractor still has its informational plate, which says it's a 'Super-Cut Model SR-K, serial no. 1071' made in Westlake, Ohio, which is just west of Cleveland.