Huber Siphon

| May 2005

The 1893 World's Fair Huber catalog has some fascinating information on the Huber steam traction engine siphon, which gives a sense of how much work was required to keep the machine running, and also a sense of how life was lived at the time. "On all the engines we now turn out, we put on the rear end of the heater a first-class 'siphon,' which does away with all dipping or carrying of water to fill the tank. In filling the tank with this siphon, all you have to do is throw the hose into the creek, pond or well, connect the other end to the siphon, turn on a little steam by means of globe valve situated between the steam pipe of injector and siphon, and in from three to three and one-half minutes your tank is full. The siphon can be used as a sprinkler, or in case of fire; or it can be used as a feed cooker, where farmers desire to cook feed for stock, and abates the nuisance of threshermen having to haul a barrel or tub around to supply the boiler with water while the water wagon is gone for a load of water."