It's a Quincy

| March 2002

Only two Quincy gasoline tractors reportedly remain in existence. One is thought to be somewhere in Pennsylvania; the other one, a 1914 Quincy, resides in New Midway, Md., where Jim Notnagle is the proud and caring owner.

Jim has had his 1914 Quincy for five years, ever since Rich Rice of Hagerstown, Md., offered to sell it to him. 'He figured I'd keep it,' said Jim, who also owns six Quincy engines. 'I buy stuff because I like it. This one will be here when I'm gone.'

The 6 hp tractor came with its original 1930 registration card listing the name and address of the original owner, Frank Foss of Luzerne County, Pa. The brass plaque on the engine identifies it as serial number 1037.

According to Rich Rice, his father, Elmer Rice of Hagerstown, Md., discovered the Quincy in the 1970s at Shickshinny, in north-central Pennsylvania. A gas engine collector, Elmer sold the tractor not long before his death to Charles Martin of Myersville, Md. A year later, Martin died, and the tractor went into his estate auction, where Rich bought it back.

'I didn't want to see it go out of the area,' he said. 'Buying it helped me get over the death of my father.'

Rich kept the tractor for 10 years and then offered it to Jim 'because I knew him and knew he was a serious collector of Quincy engines.' He added that his dad and Jim's dad also were friends.