John Deere 60 Practically New in the Box

A Waldon, Iowa, couple adds an almost-new John Deere 60 to their collection

| May 2000

Melvin and Annette Warren, Weldon, Iowa, have more in common than a last name and an interest in quarter horses. For several years, they were a husband-and-wife truck-driving team, and during cross-country trips, they looked for antique tractors, another common interest.

Melvin has been an over-the-road trucker for 28 years, and Annette took up the profession 20 years ago when she married Melvin. Annette now trucks only occasionally, because she is devoting more time to the family cow-calf operation.

Both Melvin and Annette grew up on farms, and they started their tractor collection soon after they married.

"When cast iron got high-priced in the late seventies, my dad hated to see tractors like that get junked," Melvin said. "There was a salvage yard just up the road from us, and he bought a (John Deere) B from them. I helped him restore that, and it snowballed from there."

Now, Melvin and Annette own 100 two-cylinder tractors, although not all have been restored. Annette keeps a computerized list of their tractors, where and when they were obtained, and their serial numbers. Eventually, she would like to use the serial numbers to learn where each tractor was produced and where it was shipped when it left the factory.

Trucking has given the couple an opportunity to ask if there are any old tractors just sitting around that can be purchased and added to their collection.