Little Guys Show Celebrates Small Equipment

| April 2005

You don't have to be "vertically challenged" to attend the 11th Annual Little Guys Show held at Bob Rentzel's farm near York, Pa., April 23-24. The show is open to visitors of all sizes, but equipment on display is mostly smaller: walk-behind and low-profile garden tractors and related equipment, and this year, pedal tractors.

"We're hosting the first-ever USA National Motorized Pedal Tractor Meet," Bob says. The focus is on units safe enough for actual use by children, he says. "I know we're going to have six there. I'm hoping for 46, but we just don't know what will happen." We're also inviting local kids to come and bring their pedal tractors."

The Pennsylvania State Plowing Contest (for full-size tractors) will be held nearby in conjunction with the Little Guys Show. Capitalizing on that, a garden tractor plowing contest will be held on Sunday, April 24, with the same state judges presiding. That contest will also feature a youth division.

A nearby field will be available for those who want to put their garden tractors to work, and pulling sleds will be ready for use by both garden tractors (stock tractors) and pedal tractors.

- For more information: The Little Guys 11th Annual Show, April 23-24, 1 mile north of Manchester, Pa., on Route 181 (turn on Meeting House Road, left on Steffo, straight ahead to show); 5 miles off Interstate 83 and Interstate 76.

USA National Motorized Pedal Tractor Meet: Bob Rentzel, 5380 Board Road, Mount Wolf, PA 17347; (717) 266-4490.