Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory Offered Early Consumer Protection

The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory tested stock tractor models to protect farmers

| January 2013

The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory has tested more than 1,750 tractor models since it was officially organized in 1919, when the Nebraska Legislature passed a bill ensuring that:

• A stock tractor of each model sold in the state is tested and approved by a board of three engineers under state university management.

• Each company, dealer or individual offering a tractor for sale in Nebraska is required to have a permit.

• A service station with a full supply of replacement parts for each model of tractor shall be maintained.

Testing activities were assigned to the University’s Department of Agricultural Engineering. In 1920 the Waterloo Boy was the first tractor tested by the new laboratory. About 160 tractor manufacturers were operating in the U.S. at that time. Completing testing kept the laboratory very busy. By 1930, 172 tractors had been evaluated by the laboratory. FC 

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