Profiles: Jensales Tractor Manuals

| 6/27/2011 4:49:12 PM

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Jensales Inc. offers tractor manuals from
current to obscure.

Company: Jensales Inc.
Location: Manchester, MN
Contact: (800) 443-0625

Profile: Jensales Inc. has the largest and most diverse tractor and industrial manual library in the world. Their titles cover nearly every tractor made from 1900 to the present, and the legendary industrial equipment you have from Caterpillar, Huber, Allis Chalmers, even those old Bucyrus Erie monsters! With over 16,000 manuals in their library, from nearly every manufacturer, they probably have the one you need.

7/1/2011 5:28:58 PM

Red Power Round Up was a hootenany this year. I saw this guy entertaining the crowds both days I went. He looks wise and well-fed, which is how we like 'em here in Albert Lea. Go IH!