Rare Tractors and Toys Put on Auction Block

More than 1,500 people show up to bid top dollar on rare tractors put on the auction block in Iowa

| September 1998

They started by taking his wheels and parts. Then they took his toys and models. Finally, after working at it all day, a crowd of about 1,500 took away nearly everything Joe Joyce had built and collected over 17 years.

And he loved every minute of it.

Joyce put his collection of about 60 working tractors - and countless spare parts and toy models - on the auction block in Emmetsburg in northwest Iowa in July. Many of the tractors he had built from scratch.

Even though the auction broke up his collection and signaled the end of a hobby nearly two decades old, Joe said he wasn't upset to see it all go.

"I had the fun of building and buying them, and I'm going to have the fun of selling them," he said.

The sale attracted bidders and spectators from as far away as Denmark and Sweden, and from almost every state.