Toolbox Trade for a Rockol Tractor

Minnesota man adds rare Rockol tractor to his collection.

| October 2016

Paul Husmann knows a good deal when he sees one, so when he got the opportunity to trade a toolbox for a tractor, he jumped at the chance. Even better, the tractor is a rare 1949 Rockol Model B 77, sold by Rock Oil Co. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

But there was nothing underhanded about the deal. “I’d been bugging my brother-in-law about that tractor for a few years until he decided to sell it or trade it,” Paul says. “He said he needed a toolbox for his shop, and I had an empty one available, so we made the trade. He knew it was a rare tractor, and he decided he was never going to do anything about restoring it, so we traded.”

Abandoned to a weed patch

The Rockol was not Paul’s first old iron project, as evidenced by several antique tractors on his property near Cold Spring, Minnesota: a Ford 9N, an Oliver 70 Standard, a Farmall 450 and a Minneapolis-Moline 445. “On our dairy farm, the Moline is what I grew up on,” he says.

From Edmonton, his Rockol was shipped to Divide County, North Dakota, where a local farmer owned it for several years. Later, Paul’s brother-in-law and cousin bought it at an estate sale to use it as an auger tractor.

Farms in that area are large and fields are not always adjacent. The Rockol, with road speeds of up to 40 mph, worked well for moving augers from one place to another. “A lot of those big farms have various bin locations, and the farmers want something that will go fast, pulling the auger down the road, going from place to place,” Paul says. “The Rockol did that.”

When the engine on the Rockol went bad, the tractor was abandoned to a weed patch behind Paul’s brother-in-law’s shop for about five years, until Paul convinced his brother-in-law to give it up.