Rumely 20-30W

Before & After: Restoration of a 1929 Rumely 20-30W

| September 1998

Ted Shultz has been involved in enough restoration projects to know at least one absolute: "Almost everything you restore will fight you, to a certain extent," he said. The 1929 Rumely 20-30W Oil Pull he's completing is no exception. 

"We've done an awful lot of work on it," he said. "When we got it, the valve keepers were the only thing missing. At one time, it'd had a buzz saw on the front of it (the last owner used it mainly to cut wood with), so we had to take that off. The draw bar, and one steering end, were busted.

"It had set out for most of its life," he said. "It wasn't pitted up, but it was rusty. I don't think we had to fill anything in. It did have a little bit of the original paint - olive drab - so it might be an early one."

Ted, a fiberglass fabricator specialist at Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Waverly, Neb., is the third owner of the nearly 70-year-old classic 20-30W. It was one of his first collectible tractors.

"When I bought it in 1975 (for $1,750), I didn't know what it was worth," he said.

Ted didn't touch the Rumely for nearly 15 years. In the last three years, though, he's rebuilt nearly everything on it.