Classic Farm Tractors Calendar, the Original, Celebrates 25th Year

| 8/26/2013 4:35:16 PM

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Nostalgia runs deep in rural America.  During the 2013 Super Bowl, millions of dollars were spent on costly, off-beat commercials.  However, the late, great Paul Harvey won the day with his eloquent salute to the American farmer, sponsored by Dodge Ram Trucks.

Another prime example of family farm nostalgia is the Classic Farm Tractors Calendar, set to observe its 25th Anniversary with its 2014 edition.  Few advertising campaigns or promotional programs last for a quarter century.

The original calendar featuring various brands of antique tractors from the US and Canada came to be when DuPont Agricultural Products developed a new soybean herbicide in 1988.  It was named "Classic."

The marketing manager for the new soybean weed-killer had just returned to DuPont headquarters in Wilmington, Del., from Europe, where calendars were used to promote a wide range of DuPont products.

Excited about his new assignment, he met with John Harvey, public relations manager for DuPont Ag Products and suggested a classic car calendar to promote brand awareness.  The plan would be to send the calendar to every soybean grower in the database.  The calendar would become a marketing tool.  DuPont retail dealers would be involved as well.

"I love classic cars," Harvey replied.  "I have a '67 red Mustang, a real cream puff.  Everyone wants to buy it.  But let me do some scouting. There might be something we can find that's more 'farmer friendly,'" Harvey suggested.