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Full Partners: Implements and Machinery Toys

Just as with a full-size exhibit, toy-size implements and machinery are a fine complement to a toy tractor.

1. Allis-Chalmers flare-type wagon. Allis-Chalmers collector Quint Precht, Hector, Minn., says it is Allis-Chalmers’ rarest toy. “I’ve only seen one in real life and then this toy,” he says. “When a dealer brought it out for me, all I could say was, ‘How much?’ and ‘I’ll take it.'”

2. Massey-Harris pull-type combine with seat connected to grain tank. Collector Dale Swoboda, Two Rivers, Wis., says a Reuhl Products version made with a separate seat is easier to find than the one with a connected seat. “The connected one is very hard to come by,” he says. The piece is fragile, says Bernard Niewind, Eden Valley, Minn., “and when you do find one of these pull-types, there are pieces off.”

3. Minneapolis-Moline corn sheller. Though a reproduction of this 1/32-scale implement was made by Slik-Toy Co., Lansing, Iowa, in 1978, it’s the 1950 model that’s hardest to find. It has pulleys and a crank, while the reproduction does not.

4. Ferguson mounted plow. Made to fit the Topping Models-made Ferguson TO-30 tractor, this Topping Models implement is difficult to find. “I can’t think of another disc plow that’s as nice,” says collector Rick Campbell, Apple River, Ill.

5. Minneapolis-Moline combine. Made by Slik-Toy Co. in 1/32 scale in 1950, this #69 pull-type combine has a tin hopper, ladder and reel.

6. Oliver Grainmaster combine with white reel and hubs. The regular pull-type variety without white reel and hubs, made by Slik-Toy Co. in 1950, is not rare.

7. New Holland Hayliner baler. Made in three varieties by Advanced Products Co., the shelf model and silver-painted models are not as hard to come by as the chrome model on a plaque. Maynard Hahn, longtime Howard, S.D., collector, says a New Holland blockman in the 1980s explained the rarity. “He said the silver baler was a promotional baler,” Maynard says. “If a dealer met a sales goal, he received one of those toys.”

8. Oliver 22 mower NIB. This 1/16-scale mower isn’t real common in good to excellent condition, but it’s really difficult to find NIB, says collector Jon Sheets, Zumbrota, Minn. This semi-mounted version has a wobble plate on the axle.

9. Oliver side-delivery hay rake NIB. Made by Slik-Toy Co. in 1950, this 1/16-scale model has a pair of caster wheels and a wire hitch.

10. John Deere pull-type combine. Manufactured in 1958 by Carter Tru-Scale, Dyersville, Iowa, this #30 1/16-scale combine has an auger in the header.

  • Published on Aug 1, 2008
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