British Collector Builds Around American Tractors

UK tractor enthusiast’s collection of American tractors is an exotic sight across the ocean.

| December 2017

Ben Hughes of Cheshire, England, works as a quantity surveyor for oil cargoes. In his free time, he tinkers with old tractors and attends vintage shows.

Ben has been a fan of old tractors since an early age. As a young lad, he and his father used to tinker with a Fordson E27N that they named Trevor. However, Trevor was highly unreliable and in dire need of restoration, so the father and son sold him. Since then, Ben’s eye has been caught by slightly more exotic tractors, namely those hailing from the U.S. and Canada. They might be commonplace to you folks, but to us, they are exotic!

Doing his homework

These days there is a definite theme to Ben’s tractor collection. He has a real passion for old American tractors, particularly those dating to the 1940s and ’50s. As he is always on the lookout for something different to add, his collection is constantly evolving.

“When it comes to tractors, I like the thrill of the chase,” Ben admits. He enjoys researching and sourcing various tractor makes and models, and then he tries to source what he’s looking for. Being based in the U.K., he sometimes finds that the range of old American tractors available locally can be a little limited. 

However, Ben has a really good contact, namely Lyn Jones, also known as L&L Vintage Tractors of West Wales. Lyn has a vast array of American tractors and an ever-changing lineup of recently imported machines for sale. Lyn’s place is a paradise for any local fan of American tractors. Ben is frequently in contact with Lyn, and just as often tempted by many of the exciting finds Lyn has tracked down and imported.

Ben’s tractor collection is a work in progress. If he’s owned a certain tractor for a time and feels he’s had his fun with it, he will look for something to replace it with. Recently he sold a couple of Farmall tractors in order to make space for a couple of Cockshutt tractors, as they are a bit more unusual here in the U.K.