The Cockshutt 40 Deluxe Tractor

The Cockshutt 40 Deluxe featured power steering and was advertised as being adaptable for every 3-4 plow job.

| March 2018

A leading manufacturer of plows since 1877, Cockshutt Plow Co. Ltd., Brantford, Ontario, Canada, entered the tractor market in the late 1920s, initially selling Allis-Chalmers tractors before settling in with the Oliver tractor line.

At the end of World War II, Cockshutt began producing its own tractors. The first – the Cockshutt 30 – was built in 1946, using a 4-cylinder, 153-cubic-inch Buda engine with a 3-7/16-by-4-1/8-inch bore and stroke engine. That tractor was marketed in the U.S. as the CO-OP E3 and Gambles Farmcrest 30.

The Model 40 was built from 1949 into 1956, when the Deluxe version (shown at right) made its debut. Available only through November 1957, the 40 Deluxe was promoted as being “adaptable for every 3-4 plow tractor job.” The model also boasted a feature unimaginable today: “For your smoking safety and convenience, 40 Deluxe tractors are equipped with a handy cigarette lighter.”

The 40 Deluxe had other impressive features: choice of three front ends, power steering, 3-point and 6-speed transmission – complemented by a new two tone styling: truly a model of size, power and economy! FC

Farm Collector gratefully acknowledges Dennis McGrew, Lawrence, Michigan, who provided these images from his collection.