You Could Call it a Tractor Book on Hormones

| August 2001


Ambitious new book

It's all not that often that something truly lives up to its advance billing, whether your favorite major league baseball team's prospects, the latest software package released - or even a just-published 'tractor' book.

However, The Big Book of Farm Tractors is precisely what it bills itself to be, and is really 'big' in many aspects:

First, in size alone this volume physically dwarfs every other 'tractor' book in my collection. It measures 12-¼ x 9-¼ inches and it weighs in at a hefty three pounds, seven ounces.

With wrists and arms unaccustomed these days to bucking hay bales, I found reading it at my desk more comfortable than holding it while seated in my favorite living room chair.

My numbers might be off several either way, but I counted the color photographs of 267 different tractors. That's 267 different tractors!

This whopping figure represents the involvement of one heckuva lot of time, effort, and expense. Seldom does a photographer find more than a couple or a handful of tractors at any one location.