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The Allis-Chalmers Model G Rear-Engine Tractor

By Jim Gay

Allis-Chalmers spurred imitators with production of its Model G rear-engine tractor, which was advertised as a “second tractor” on the farm.

One of a Kind: Minneapolis-Moline UDLX

By Robert N. Pripps

The Minneapolis-Moline UDLX Comfortractor was marketed to younger people to help keep them on the farm, but farmers never truly embraced it.

David Bradley’s Tri-Trac

By Jim Gay

Remembering the Tri-Trac, a popular three-wheel, small-acreage farm tractor.

Info on Air Force Tugs?

By Roger and Joanne Yeager

A couple who restored a U.S. Air Force tug tractor seek more information on their vehicle.


King of the Road: Bringing a Twin City Tractor Back to Life

By Tony Thompson

A 1928 Twin City 27-44 Road King that was used hard and left for dead undergoes a complete restoration.

Big Tractors: Behemoths on the Farm

By Robert N. Pripps

Bigger and better tractors met the needs of the American farmer.

Homemade Tractor is Work Ready

By Bill Vossler

A homemade tractor and wagon pull their weight on an Iowa farm.

New Lease on Life for ‘Old Red’

By J.O. Parker

An old 1958 Farmall 130 handed down from a father finds a new home and restoration.