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Ferguson Tractor Fulfills the Job

By Josephine Roberts

Ferguson tractor at home with American hotel owner in Wales.

Rare Tractors Common for Collector

By Sam Moore

Carl Nawman enjoys collecting rare tractors, including those made by the Italian CAST and Astoa brands.

Made in Italy: CAST Tractors

By Sam Moore

Italian-made CAST tractors featured four-wheel drive to navigate hill country.

Red Tractors 1958-2013

Press Release

Red Tractors 1958-2013 from Octane Press is the authoritative guide to International Harvester and Case IH farm tractors in the modern era.


Finalists of the 2013 Delo Tractor Restoration Competition

Press Release 

The 2013 entries have been narrowed down to twelve finalists who will compete for the national title.

Rare 1917 Bullock Creeping Grip Crawler

By Sam Moore

Rare Bullock Creeping Grip tractor was product of John F. Appleby’s Western Implement & Motor Co.

Minneapolis-Moline-Avery Tractors Look and Run Like New

By Bill Vossler

Minnesota collector brings pair of unique Minneapolis-Moline-Avery BF tractors back from the brink.

Bullock Creeping Grip: World War I Training Vehicle

By Sam Moore

The modern tank got its cues from early tracked, armored vehicles like the Bullock Creeping Grip.