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It’s All About Muir Hill

By Josephine Roberts

Muir Hill made heavy-duty tractors that are still proud British workhorses today.

Gas Traction Co. Designs 4-Cylinder Tractor

By Bill Vossler

Gas Traction Co. lauded itself as the “first and largest builders” of 4-cylinder farm tractors.

204 Days of Tractor Operation When Tractors Were New

By Sam Moore

This account of tractor operation in the early days of the 20th century was submitted by Emil Peterson (about whom nothing else is known, not even his location, although it was probably in one of the northwestern states) in the July, 1917 issue of Gas Review magazine.

Dream of Owning International Harvester Cub Cadet Becomes Reality

By Loretta Sorensen

Minnesota man holds on to boyhood dream of owning an International Harvester Cub Cadet.


A Peerless Pedal Tractor

By Fred W. Hendricks

Customized Ford 8N pedal tractor dazzles with detail.

Model T Fords Converted Into Tractors

By Sam Moore

Aftermarket kits for Model T Fords, like the Knickerbocker Forma-Tractor, gave farmers a cheap alternative to buying tractors.

Ferguson Tractor Fulfills the Job

By Josephine Roberts

Ferguson tractor at home with American hotel owner in Wales.

Rare Tractors Common for Collector

By Sam Moore

Carl Nawman enjoys collecting rare tractors, including those made by the Italian CAST and Astoa brands.