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1938 Minneapolis-Moline UDLX Comfortractor

Press Release

Paul and Kay Weiss' 1938 Minneapolis-Moline UDLX on display at Heartland Acres.

The Short-Lived Townsend Tractor Company

By Sam Moore

The rare Townsend tractor featured a unique boiler frame, giving it the appearance of a steam engine.

Man Restores Cockshutt 30 After Fire

By Bill Vossler

Wisconsin collector brings Cockshutt 30 back from disaster.

Oliver Cletrac HG and OC-3

by Sam Moore

The Cletrac HG was built until 1951, when it was replaced by the OC-3, which looks nearly the same. The OC-3 has a slightly larger Hercules IXB-3 engine of 132.7 cubic inch displacement, capable of about 22 hp.


Last Chance to See Big Bud at Heartland Acres

by Farm Collector

Big Bud has called the Heartland Acres Agribition Center home for the last few years, but the world's largest tractor will be relocating on July 6.

New Book: How to Restore Your Farm Tractor

Press Release

How to Restore Your Farm Tractor is packed with hundreds of helpful full-color photographs, proven tips and techniques, and money-saving advice from restorers who know what works ... and what doesn't.

Alternative Fuels in Early Farm Tractors

By Chuck Lyons

Alternative fuels have long tradition as ag cost-cutter

Did This Go Into Production?

by Farm Collector

Bill Brown’s grandfather was awarded patent number 612,675 and would like to know if it ever went into production.