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New Display at Heartland Acres: 1944 WWII Case SI Airborne Tractor

Press Release

Heartland Acres Agribiton Center announces the arrival of the rare and historically significant 1944 WWII Case SI “Airborne” Tractor. The display joins a line-up of agricultural displays, ranging from the early 1800s to present day.

John Harvey’s 2013 Classic Farm Tractors Calendar

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Another blue-ribbon line-up of beautifully-restored 20th century farm tractors is featured on the new 2013 Classic Farm Tractors Calendar – the original calendar spotlighting a variety of brands of vintage tractors from across America.

One Sweet Allis-Chalmers Sprayer

By Wayne Cooper

Unique homemade Allis-Chalmers high-crop tractor is one sweet sprayer

Tackling That First Tractor Restoration Project: An Allis-Chalmers C

By Terry Kroske

Collector takes on his first tractor restoration project, a tired Allis-Chalmers C


The Doodlebug: A Homemade Tractor

By Clell G. Ballard

Built-from-scratch homemade tractor, or doodlebug, keeps on ticking.

The Utilitor: Big Power for Small Operations

By Sam Moore

Utilitor garden tractors were one of the first brands available, and remained on the market longer than most brands.

Troublesome Tillage with a 1955 John Deere 70 Diesel Pony Start and a Graham Hoeme Chisel Plow

By Rodney Ahlgrim

Trip down memory lane in a 1955 John Deere 70 Diesel Pony Start and a Graham Hoeme Chisel Plow was not always smooth sailing

Tractor Farming in the 1920s

by Sam Moore

A 1925 article about the Greer Stock Farm extolls the many uses of tractor power on the farm, even years before smaller row-crop models were developed.