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Collecting Antique Spark Plugs

Leslie C. McManus

Antique spark plugs tell tale of American industrialism and ingenuity, with coil plugs, primer plugs and double end plugs.

Firsthand: Restored tractor collection shares ties to BF Avery

Wayne Brindley

Michigan tractor collection includes rare BF Avery high-crop model in addition to Cleveland Tractor Co. General Model GG

Firsthand: Easy recovery for overgrown VAC Case

Alan Easley

Alan Easley’s retrieval of a VAC Case from the woods was surprisingly easy.

International Harvester HT-340 Concept Tractor

Leslie McManus

New York man builds reproduction of IH HT-340 concept tractor, complete with hydrostatic turbine that was designed as a light-weight power source for jet aircraft.


Rambling Down Memory Lane

by Leslie McManus

Editor Leslie McManus talks My First Tractor, Michael Perry and the Farm Collector Field Guide to Mystery Tools

Remembering the Rock Island Tractor

Bill Vossler

A classic 1928 Rock Island 18-35 tractor is a fond reminder a granddad’s pride and joy.

Harry Ferguson: Mechanical Genius Part III

Jane Brooks

Harry Ferguson believed in reducing poverty and hunger through farm mechanization. He turned to Massey-Harris in his final partnership.

GP Tractor Ahead of its Time

Bill Vossler

Massey-Harris GP tractor was one of the first tractors to feature four-wheel drive construction.