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Small but Mighty: The Ransomes M.G. Crawler

By Sam Moore

The M.G. crawler remains popular with British collectors, despite production ceasing in the 1960s.

Industrial Designers Transform Tractor Industry

By Robert Pripps

Birth of the industrial designer signals the rise of tractor design.

Ford-Ferguson 9N and Ford 8N

By Donald C. Ober

A reader shares photos of a rare 1940-41 Ford-Ferguson 9N and a Ford 8N with an unusual engine.

Ten-Hut! Massey Ferguson 40 Military Tractor

By Bill Vossler

A 1972 Massey Ferguson 40 military tractor adds a unique flair to crawler collection.


American Tractors in Great Britain

By Sam Moore

With British tractors in short supply, the import of American tractors was ramped up to assist farmers during World War I.

Toolbox Trade for a Rockol Tractor

By Bill Vossler

Minnesota man adds rare Rockol tractor to his collection.

Remembering the Lanz Bulldog Tractor

By Sam Moore

A brief history of the Lanz Bulldog tractor, which featured a 1-cylinder engine.

Heider Tractors Are Three of a Kind

By Bill Vossler

A rare trio of Heider tractors showcases the innovation of the Heider tractor line.