Tractor collections, antique farm toys, antique farm tractors, history of tractor manufacturers and more.

Rebuilt Farmall Model H

By Leslie Ottman

A reader shares his rebuilt 1949 Farmall Model H tractor.

1942 International Harvester Before and After

By Don Edwards

Don Edwards shares his International Harvester before and after its restoration.

Early Crawler Tractors

By Clell G. Ballard

Crawler tractors were almost unstoppable with their substantial track surfaces but were difficult to repair.

General Interest: The Cletrac General GG

By Richard E. Frantz

A Cletrac General GG takes its place in an Oliver tractor collection.


The Lundell 2020 Self-Propelling Tractor

By Sam Moore

Sam Moore gives us some background on the Lundell Mfg. Co. and the little-known Lundell 2020 tractor.

Remembering Massey-Harris Tractors

By Fred Potter

The son of a farm equipment expert corrects us on a Ferguson and Massey-Harris engine identification.

British Royalty and Super BMD Farmall Tractors

By Sam Moore

Exploring the connection between Super BMD Farmall tractors and the queen.

Waterloo Boy Tractor Scaled to Perfection

By Leslie C. McManus

A tractor collector and his grandson join forces on a half-scale Waterloo Boy.