Caught on Film: The 2009 Show Season Photo Gallery 1

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At the end of a long day on the grounds, nothing beats the simple thrill of a spark show. This one was provided by Jerred Ruble’s 18 hp Avery at Heritage Park of North Iowa; engineer, Eric Buldoc, Anoka, Minn.
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Getting that sled down the track with tricycle power is a fun challenge for the younger set, especially if there’s a trophy at the end as there was at the River Valley Antique Assn. show, Mapleton, Ill.
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Hulling clover with a 14 hp return-flue Minneapolis owned by Jerred Ruble, Hanlontown, Iowa. Eric Bremer, Ocheyedan, Iowa, is the engineer.
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The American flag was a bright spot on a gloomy day at the Badger Steam & Gas Engine Club Show, Baraboo, Wis.
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Kevin Hembrough dusts off his grandfather’s Gray gas engine at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Kevin is the son of Richard and Sheila Hembrough and the grandson of Kevin and Mary Hembrough, all of Jacksonville, Ill.
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A unique exhibit at the Red Power Round-Up in Madison, Wis.: assembly of a tractor in five days.
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Threshing oats at the Fall Fair celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Farmers Assn., in Grande Digue, New Brunswick, Canada. Pierre Babineau owns the 1920s-vintage Hall Mfg. wooden thresher. His 91-year-old father, Edmond, is shown feeding the thresher, which is driven by a 1930 McCormick-Deering Type M 6 hp engine.
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Charli Eddy and her dad, James, ready their model engine display at Shelbina, Mo.
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Rain was a regular visitor to shows during the 2009 season. Jon Dorman used his Earthmaster tractor to pull engines out of the mud at a rainy July 4 show in Exline, Iowa.
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This young engineer has his game face on during a parade at the LeSueur County (Minn.) Pioneer Power Show.
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A McCormick-Deering 22x38 thresher in its post-restoration debut, powered by a 1945 McCormick-Deering W4. The thresher is owned by Pierre Babineau, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada; the tractor is owned by Jules Poirier, Grande Digue, New Brunswick.
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A tractor ride is always more fun with a buddy. This four-legged friend has his own accommodations (and special headgear) at the River Valley Antique Assn. show, Mapleton, Ill.
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Steam engines at the ready at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
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An immaculately restored 1956 David Bradley Tri-Trac owned by Steve Johnson, Salem, Ore., on display at the Tillamook (Ore.) Old Iron Show.
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Mother Nature can be fickle: An engine display at an October show in rural Nebraska.
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Binding oats for the Fall Fair in Grande Digue, New Brunswick, Canada. The 1950 John Deere Model B (driven by Louis Babineau) is pulling a 1920s-vintage Massey-Harris No. 5 left-hand binder with Pierre Babineau (owner of both pieces) on board.
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Plowing demonstration at the Prairie Homestead Antique Power Show, Belmond, Iowa.
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A 1939 John Deere BO owned by Terry Jones, Tillamook, Ore., on display at the Tillamook Old Iron Show.
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A fine trio of Monitor engines at the Farm Reunion, Boonville, Mo. Left to right: Darrell Brubaker, Kokomo, Ind.; Larry Burlingame, Russellville, Mo.; and Mike Healy, Fulton, Mo.
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A 1934 Jay-Bee hammer mill grinding ear corn at Old Farm Days, Mt. Gilead, Ohio. The mill is owned by Dennis Wilson; it was used by his grandfather on a custom grinding route in Ohio before World War II. Dwight Murphy is on the mill; his son Mike is on the wagon. Gary Frazier is shown bagging the ground corn.
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Jerry Balvin and a friend adjust a Falk engine at a rural Nebraska show.
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Built by the Phoenix Mfg. Co., Eau Claire, Wis., this 100-year-old log hauler has tracks in back and was originally equipped with runners instead of front wheels. One of just four known to exist, the 18-ton rig was displayed at the North Central Wisconsin Antique Steam & Gas Engineering Club show, Edgar, Wis.
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A 1924 Fordson crawler conversion owned by Kevin and Dave Roble on display at the 36th annual North Central Wisconsin Antique Steam & Gas Engineering Club show, Edgar, Wis.
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A 1/4-scale McCormick-Deering stationary baler owned by Dave Cattron, Joliet, Ill., on display at the Will County (Ill.) Thresherman’s Assn. show held at Dollinger Family Farm, Channahon, Ill.
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You can almost hear the rumble: Parade time at the 2009 Sheppard diesel national show at Heritage Park of North Iowa.
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Making rounds during the Mid-Iowa Antique Power Assn.’s antique power show in Marshalltown, Iowa.
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Seeing double: A 1/2-scale 110 Case steam engine owned by Justin Click, Lake Station, Ind., next to a full-size Case 110 owned by Ron Holland.
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Before mechanization came to the farm: Carroll Carson, Leland, Iowa, plowing with his team of Percheron horses.
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