First Things: Directory to Farm Shows, Tractor Shows, and Steam Shows

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Farm Collector Magazine editor Leslie McManus is confident the new website design and show directory will help subscribers find the farm shows, tractor shows, and steam shows they want to attend in the coming year.
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Memories Of A Former Kid

For those living above the frost belt, the
early months of a new year are sometimes marked by an itch to be
somewhere else … somewhere else in the country, or even somewhere
else on the calendar. The arrival of seed catalogs offers a bit of
respite from winter, but if you need an industrial-strength remedy,
check out the brand new Farm Collector Show Directory.

Thumb through almost 500 pages of farm shows, tractor shows, and steam shows and your mind reels at
the possibilities … trips to states you’ve never visited; trips
piggy-backed onto family reunions; trips built around family
agendas. Suddenly you find yourself considering collectibles unique
to a specific part of the country, or visiting the corporate roots
of your favorite tractor manufacturer, or dropping in on a national
meeting of a collector organization you’re interested in.

At that point, you have several options: Erect a chalkboard and
sketch an organizational plan on a scale comparable to that used in
the Normandy landings; hand the show directory over to a travel
agent; pull up a chair and put pencil to paper. Or, if you’re
computer literate, hop on to the new and improved Farm

On this restoration, we took your advice. We’ve torn the site
apart, sandblasted all the pieces, ordered new parts, done a fair
amount of wrenching, and put it all back together again (with hardly
any pieces leftover!). We think you’ll like the result, which
includes two significant enhancements:

First, we’ve added a series of forums to the website, giving you
convenient access to collectors and enthusiasts around the country.
Learn what’s happening with old iron in different regions, seek
advice on restorations, pick up tips and pointers for your club’s
show, or just shoot the breeze. It’s an easy way to stay plugged
into the hobby from the comfort of your own home.

And second, our Farm Collector Online Show Directory
gives you a peek at upcoming shows, helps you investigate further
through links to club e-mails and websites, and even offers driving
directions. Need help planning? Build a list of shows you’re
interested in, and we’ll send periodic e-mail reminders as the
dates approach. All you have to do is pack a bag, and you’re on
your way. Online or not, count on Farm Collector to keep
you in touch with this hobby! FC

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