Corn Items Collectors Association Holds Show

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Bill Thiel, Carrollton, Ill., showed handheld corn shellers.
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Curt Norskog's seed corn signs. Many of the firms represented in this display have merged or discontinued operations.
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Richard Morrow, East Moline, Ill., with a John Deere seed plate selector unit.

A wide variety of corn equipment and memorabilia was displayed at the Corn Items Collectors Association’s annual gathering in September. Held at Argyle State Park near Colchester, Ill., the event is held in conjunction with the Argyle Gas and Engine Show.

About two dozen collectors (the 20-year-old group has about 300 members) set up displays; most brought extra items to swap.

Items displayed included memorabilia from various seed corn companies: caps, memo books, pens and pencils, old cloth seed corn sacks, seed corn signs and patches. Implements such as hand-operated and horse-drawn planters, shellers and dryers were popular, as were planter plates, lids and markers; husking hooks and pegs.

Regional meets were held throughout the season at Davis Junction, Ill., in April West Burlington, Iowa, June; Portland, Ind., August; Jacksonville, Ill., September.

 A joint meeting was held in November with members of the Missouri Valley Wrench Club.

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