Letters: Fond memories of mix mill technology

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Factory photo showing a new Fords mill mounted on a 1940s-vintage Diamond T truck.
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Farmers grinding grain in a Fords mill.

I enjoy Sam Moore’s articles in Farm Collector and especially the one about the Fords grinder (January 2011). In the early- to mid-1960s our tractor wasn’t big enough to run a mix mill (Ford 8N) and Dad called a custom grinder. It was mounted on a Ford cab-over and had a screaming Detroit engine (maybe a 3- or 4-71, as I do remember the super-charger.) I purchased my first hot rod magazine in 1962 or ’63 so I was impressed by the super-charger even if it was in its original engine! I’m still drawn to almost any piece of equipment with an engine, and a 2-stroke Detroit is unique. I don’t remember the brand of the grinder, but it had a molasses system, too.

I work for a company owned by Federal Signal (Elgin Sweeper) and shared your article with friends at Vactor/Guzzler. They all enjoyed the article but wanted me to correct the name. The current company name is Vactor Mfg., Streator, Ill. Guzzler is partially correct, as it is a brand of vacuum trucks sold primarily in the industrial market. The Vactor line is mostly sewer and liquid trucks. They sent these old photos (reprinted here) and there is a nice website at Vactor.com.

Steve Cunningham, Sugar Grove, Ill.

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