Homemade farm toy tractor

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Courtesy of Lawrence Waltman
Example of a simple homemade farm toy tractor.

I am 91 years old and I thought maybe your readers would like to see what toys we had as children. This was before batteries and springs were thought of. All you needed was your mother’s sewing basket for spools and some paraffin from jelly glasses. Combine that spool and a pencil and a rubber band, and you had a tractor. If you were lucky, you could get a bigger spool from the shoe repair shop or a spool from the man that sewed your horse harness, and you could make a great big tractor.

Back then, kids would beg to go out to play. TV was not thought of and radios were few and far between. The first of them was powered by car battery, but car radios did not come along until years later.

Lawrence Waltman
West Grove, Pa.

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