Letters to the Editor: A Kenny-Colwell Tractor?

I am looking for the date the Chicago mail-order company, Albaugh-Dover, bought the Kenney-Colwell Co. of Norfolk, Neb. Kenney-Colwell developed an unconventional tractor that the company was eventually named after. What was the name of the unconventional tractor? I would really appreciate it.

Sally Cantrell
email: sallyrdc@adelphia.net

The letter from Sally Cantrell in the February 2008 issue of Farm Collector asks about the Square Turn tractor from Norfolk, Neb., built by Albough-Dover. A photo of it is in C.H. Wendel’s Standard Catalog of Farm Tractors 1890 to 1960, page 465.

Norfolk is in Madison County. There must be a historical society or museum in Norfolk or Madison. The sheriff’s sale of the Nebraska property was in 1925. There might be a legal record. The Harold Warp Pioneer Village museum in Minden, Neb., might have more information or even a tractor: Call (308) 832-1181.

Jon Chipps
RR 3 Box 78F
Ord, NE 68862

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