Looking for Leads on Family’s Restored Tractor

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The current owner knows very little about this tractor, which was originally purchased shortly after World War II in eastern Ohio or western Pennsylvania.

My husband restored this tractor. My grandfather purchased it shortly after World War II in eastern Ohio or western Pennsylvania. He lived in Mogadore, Ohio, and used it to plow a large vegetable garden.

When we got married in 1961, we purchased a small farm with land that had become overgrown. To clear the land and fence it in for sheep to keep the weeds down, we needed something more powerful than the small cut-down car that my husband purchased from a junkyard. Grandpa Nota gave us his tractor. It needed some work to get it running, and it had a hand crank. But Dick fussed with it and we used it to fence in the farm. It is very powerful and has a Ford Model A engine.

As time went on, we were able to afford a small Ford tractor and Grandpa’s tractor was stored in the barn. When Dick retired, he brought it up to our garage and started taking it apart, sanding and cleaning it as he went. He needed help from friends for a few things, but it was mostly his hard work. We are rather proud of it and of his accomplishment.

Does anyone know where it was purchased or the manufacturer? Any information would be welcome. None of our living relatives has any knowledge of this wonderful tractor.

Roni Rospert
e-mail: roni35@verizon.net

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