Photos Show Farming in Pampa, Texas

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By Farm Collector readers

Enjoy this unique window into past agricultural practices with these two photos unearthed by a Farm Collector reader.

Bill Bell

I found two pictures of old farm machinery from the Pampa, Texas, area, creating the dust bowl in Pampa. The one at top is a Rumely OilPull; the one below is a Buffalo Pitts steam engine.

Bill Bell, Amarillo, Texas


Editor’s note: The photo of the Buffalo Pitts is an early postcard. On the back of the card (which had never been mailed) a description of the scene was typed in German. Translated, it reads: “Breaking the Pampas with a steam disc plow. 20 to 22 hectares every day.”

Updated on Jul 14, 2021  |  Originally Published on Jun 28, 2021

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