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Threshing Long Ago

The August, 1907 issue of The American Thresherman contained a letter from Edgar L. Vincent [no address given] in which he reminisced about an early threshing experience. When I was a boy on a western Pennsylvania farm, the big event in August was the two or three days when the threshing ...


Harvesting with a Binder in South Dakota

This photo was taken in the 1920s or ’30s in Perkins County, South Dakota. My father, N.L. Hansen, is on the binder. The tractor is a McCormick-Deering 10-20. I think he’s cutting flax. I have the long steering rod and the binder but it needs restoration. My father was born in Denmark. ...

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A Legacy: Land Girls and Tractors of WWII

Picture the scene: It is rural Britain and we are in the midst of World War II. All of our healthy male workforce is away, fighting in the war in France, and there simply aren’t enough people to run our farms. Farming is more important than ever as our nation is beginning to run out of food, ...


Photos Show Farming in Pampa, Texas

I found two pictures of old farm machinery from the Pampa, Texas, area, creating the dust bowl in Pampa. The one at top is a Rumely OilPull; the one below is a Buffalo Pitts steam engine. Bill Bell, Amarillo, Texas Editor’s note: The photo of the Buffalo Pitts is an early postcard. ...

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Consider the Unimaginable

In these pages, we often drop back for a look at early tractors, steam traction engines or stationary gas engines. We think about what it would be like to try to farm with such comparatively primitive machines. Sometimes we look at windmills and reflect on the challenges of a stretch of time ...

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