Recognize this double header set-up?

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Can anyone identify what the double header set-up is feeding? I am 89 years old and do not ever remember seeing a picture of this kind of rig before. A friend found this in a collection of her father’s and she wanted to identify the scene.

I believe it is an Avery header-thresher from about 1923 based on information in C.H. Wendel’s Encyclopedia of American Farm Machinery and Antiques. If you have any other ideas, please let me know. This seems to be a truly unique machine. 

My father, Lee McClellan, began selling Case farm machinery as a commission agent in 1922 here in Spearman, Texas. It was a time when a lot of acres were broken out from sod. In 1926, 40 Case Model P combines were delivered to customers. He had several successful years of dealing Case machinery. The Case Model L and LA tractors fit the farming in this country very well.

Thanks for any information you may have. 

Roy McClellan,via e-mail:

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